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Simple Way to Make Cooking for Your Dog Easy

Posted by Dr Sam, On 29 Nov, 2020 | Updated On 29 Nov, 2020 No Comments »

easy cooking for your dog
Is cooking for your dog becoming a burden for you? Here's simple way to make preparing your dog meal easy.

Cooking generally takes time. Cooking for your dog can become a burden if you have to do it several times a week. But there is a way you can make cooking your dog’s meal easy.

This is how to go about it. With adequate storage and freezing, you are good to make your dog food in bulk.

See how to store food and prevent food hazards.

Make frequently needed ingredients, like broth, in quantity that can last for like 2 months. And the main meal can be cooked in quantity that can last for 2 weeks.

Cooking time also reduces drastically with this. For instance, to make average amount of chicken-rice recipe for your dog from scratch, you need about 2 hours. Having the chicken broth in storage will reduce cooking the main meal to less than 50% of the cooking time.

Set aside a portion of a day for making broth, then freeze it so you have broth worthy of 2 months to make you dog food. For instance, you can set aside a part of, may be, first Sunday of every bi-month to prepare your dog chicken broth.

Also, you can set aside a part of a day to make the main meal using part of the broth that will last for 2 weeks. Then store a 4-day’s worth of the food in the refrigerator and keep the rest in freezer.

I advise you also get a vacuum sealer to make storing and freezing your food stuff easy.
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