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Homemade Dog Food Allergy Trial Test

Posted by Dr Sam | On 24 Jul, 2019 | Updated On 24 Jul, 2019 | No Comments »


No matter how hypoallergenic a food stuff is, there are still some dogs that react to it.

Statistics have proved it and experience has also shown me that:

there are dogs that react to most hypoallergenic food,

and there are some that do not react to most allergenic one.

There are dogs which react to chicken and there are some that do not react to it.

And this is so for every food stuff.

This is the reason you must always do homemade food allergy trial test for your dog.

Are you switching your dog food to a new meal?

Are you not sure if your dog react or will react to a particular food stuff?

Please do this simple trial test before feeding her the food.

Reaction of your dog to a specific-food-stuff (let say chicken) based commercial food does not always means she will react to chicken homemade food. This might have been that she reacted to additive in commercial dog food.

The easiest way to be sure if your dog is having allergic reactions to the food stuff is to cook small portion of it and feed your dog once per day for 3 days. Allergic reactions manifest in dog within 48 hours of intake of the allergen.

See symptoms of dog food allergic reactions.

Follow the same procedure for every ingredient.


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