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Dog Bad Breath Causes & Homemade Solution

Posted by Dr Sam | On 2 Jul, 2019 | Updated On 8 Jan, 2020 | No Comments »


When your dog mouth smell bad, you avoid her kisses. This affect your closeness to her.

Dog bad breath is a sign of health problems. It is good you make study into possible causes of the bad breath and how to deal with the problem.

Causes of Bad Dog Breath

Causes of dog bad breath varies, from oral to chronic disease like diabetes.

  1. Periodontal Disease and Oral Hygiene.
  2. Bad Dietary Habits.
  3. Diabetes.
  4. Kidney Disease.
  5. Liver Disease.

Homemade Solution for Dog Bad Breath

This homemade solution is meant for bad dog mouth odor caused by periodontal disease and bad oral hygiene and by extension, bad dietary habits. The solution will remove all the plaque and tartar build-ups in your dog teeth and hinder the bacteria that cause the bad breath.

If after about 6 weeks the bad breath does not stop, then the cause is from any of these chronic diseases – diabetes and kidney and liver diseases. Please take your dog to qualified vet for treatment.

The ingredients:

1. Green Tea: a herb that is rich in active polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg). The polyphenols is beneficial in the prevention of periodontal disease.

2. Kelp: a nutrient-rich seaweed with high content of phosphorus and zinc. It is effective for solving dog’s bad breath and teeth plague.

3. Eucalyptus Oil: an essential oils that act to reduce bad breath and gingiva inflammation. It is great for controlling multiplication of bacterial in the mouth.


This teeth lotion or massaging oil is made by soaking green tea and kelp in the eucalyptus oil for an extended period, with or without heat.

  • Eucalyptus Oil – 1 cup
  • Green Tea Leaves – 30 grams
  • Kelp – 1/8 teaspoon

The preparation involves infusing the green tea and kelp into the oil.

1. Put about 2 inches of water in the bottom of a double boiler.
2. Place the oil into the top.
3. Add the green tea and kelp
4. Stir the mixture well.
5. Heat the mixture until it is moderately warm to reach about 100ºF (38ºC).
6. Remove from the heat.
7. Heat the mixture like this (Step 5 and 6) 3 time per day for 2 day.

By now, the oil would have changed color to show that the herbs and the oil have infused. You can strain off the herbs particles using cheesecloth or let the herbs remain with the oil.

Direction of Use

Apply the homemade dental care concoction to your dog teeth/gum every day for removal of plaque and treatment of periodontal disease. The bad breath should stop within 6 weeks.

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