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I’m Dr. Sam – a licensed veterinarian, chief editor of this site. I and two Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists put this web resource together to help you prepare customized, healthy, homemade foods for your dog.

Dogs are of different weights, life styles, life cycles, allergies and health statuses. These make your dog nutrients requirement differs from your neighbor’s pooch. Here you get recipes for whichever category (or categories) your dog falls.

The recipes given to you for your dog here are all natural. No preservatives! In case of special minerals/vitamins requirement due to ailment, supplements of natural sources are recommended. The diets here are closer to how your dog might eat if she’s in the midst of a pack in the wild.

Our home-prepared dog diets are carefully formulated in accordance with the standard of:

Homemade dog food from natural food stuffs need to be carefully balanced. Also it can be difficult to ensure consistent nutritional quality. These are the reasons you need us. Our recipes are given with the following:

  1. Nutrition details.
  2. High quality ingredients choices.
  3. Appropriate cooking procedures.
  4. Feeding directions.
  5. Storage Method.

This online resource will make you a good carer of your dog and a better cook.

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